Multilingual, Black Belt, sortakinda Israeli Oxford grad.

Recovering girlfriend material, occasional cynic and inveterate daydreamer, I lost the will to write for a while but it’s come back to bite me in the ass and now I can’t stop.

So, while posts may be sporadic and of fluctuating standard I am writing again. I write because there are stories that are begging to come out every time I watch people in the street and on the train; because the world is huge and tiny and scary and wonderful all at the same time, and because sometimes, it’s only in letting the words spill out onto the page that I really get what’s been circling round and round my skull rattling sticks on the fence as it goes.

I write because I’m a linguist who occasionally fails at language, and because I’d like to think that somewhere in the rushed scrawlings on restaurant napkins and bus ticket spaces and the backs of the reports I really should have been redrafting at work, there are the beginnings and the growing pains of something actually worth reading.

These are tales of someone who has had far more fresh starts than is really fair, finding my way through life, love and writer’s block. This is me starting over, one more time.